Aspen Storage Services is a revolutionary new concept that provides customized Home and Business Self Storage Solutions in Metro Manila. Our 24x7 secured facilities located conveniently in Pasig City has been recognized by major financial organizations, numerous BPO companies, a growing number of restaurants and hotels, small to large enterprises and home owners as the perfect solution to the problem of "WHERE DO I PUT MY STUFF”.

Primarily, our goal is to ensure that you achieve 100% satisfaction with absolute ease in partnering with us, throughout every point of our relationship.

We carefully manage the ventilation and cleanliness of our facilities and we keep your stuff safe and secured inside our facility. Also, our modern facility is equipped with 24/7 security cameras and security personnel to ensure that items stored in your units are all safe.

Aspen Storage Services is more than just a self-storage company, we offer “FREE PICK-UP” by highly qualified and trained “WHITE GLOVE” specialists and personal attention to every detail from start to finish.


Security and Safety is our primary concerns. Our facility is equipped with 24/7 CCTV security cameras and IP security cameras to ensure that you and your valuables are safe and secured. Also, we have round-a-clock professional security personnel.

For your convenience and additional security,, we have Biometric Fingerprint Device for client use so that we will be able to keep track all accesses 24/7. All elected authorized persons by the unit owner will be registered to the device. Moreover, we strongly suggest all clients to kindly update the Client Information Sheet from time to time.

Most importantly, Aspen Storage maintains a highly safe and secure facility for our client belongings.


We know your schedules are busy and we offer 24x7 access, however, we maintain the following Gate Access Schedules for the overall security management. Please note that we strictly implement “ No Authorization, No Access Policy”. Any access request on weekends and holidays needs to be booked on the last working day.

Daily Gate Access: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (After gate access hours by appointment)

Office Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Mondays – Fridays)


Aspen Storage also provide amenities for your convenience and to ease your acceses.

Carts and Trolleys

Carts and Trolleys

Our facility offers FREE USE of Carts and Trolleys for your ease and covenience.

Ample Parking

Ample Parking

Our facility offers ample parking space for your ease and convenience. Can also accomodate up to 40footer container trucks.